Our Mission

The Entrepreneur's Warehouse (EW House), is the leader in revolutionizing how Entrepreneurs succeed in doing business. We provide an extraordinary network for entrepreneurs to engage in interactive learning, enjoy professional and social networks; to become empowered to build their business.

EW House maintains its Mission, “to be a premier resource of training and mentoring; offering entrepreneurs comprehensive education and guidance for business solutions. Let us help you design strategies to effectively reach your business goals. Our platform is created to ensure that entrepreneurs get the training they need to take each unique business to the level of productivity and success.

EW House Leadership

EW House partners have more than thirty-five years of combined experience, managing individual funds, insurance policies, family trusts, endowments,  business financial products, service accounts, and investment portfolios. We are skilled in business development, sales and network marketing.

EW House is headquartered in Nassau County, serving business owners surrounding the beautiful waterways of Long Island, throughout New York, the tri-states and nationally. Founded in 2014, EW House is owned and managed by it’s founder Charles Powell.  Charles has worked as Senior Vice President in direct sales, network marketing and is Author of the book, The Gospel of Network Marketing: Principles to Focus on for Learning and Teaching Financial Applications. His book addresses financial, legal, biblical and historical views of marketing.  EW House Partners reflect a wide range of professions from all aspects of corporate management, entrepreneurial finance planning, foreclosure defense, logistics, federal compliance, public bids.

Who We Serve

Our clients are seasoned, start-up, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business teams, who want to maximize on two of their greatest assets, “the growth of their vision, and the potential for their business to reach it’s goals.”  EW House serves new business owners by providing business concept assessments,  entrepreneurial planning and development; finance learning options.

EW House represents companies that offer a variety of products including long term financial planning, introduction to crypto-currency, securities and trust funds, beauty, health, wellness, and marketing strategies.  We offer subscribers numerous business opportunities to explore.

April 2, 2019